2013 Banquet was held on October 27th at Lodi Fire Hall. Everyone brought a dish to pass. The club supplied the meat/cheese platter and drinks.

Go Karts:

Stock Novice: Justice Mayo
Jr 1: Gavin Hotchkin, Joey Borst, Ethan Bailey, Cole Dresser
Jr 2: Andrew Hartford, Ethan Bailey
Jr 3: Dakota Evans, Jake Cratsley, Trevor Bardeen, Tiffini Crissinger
Stock Lite: Zack VanNordstrand, Alex Carmody, Christopher Hall
Clone Lite: Chris Carman
Stock Heavy: Aaron Whiteman, Alex Carmody, Mike Barnes, Zack VanNordstrand
Super Heavy: Doug Johnson, Tammy Patak, Aaron Whiteman, Megan Dupuy

Hurricanes - Friday:

Jrs: Kyle Champion, Nikko Tallman, Shawn Champion, Keagan Carmenatty
Mod Lite: Dakota Anderson, Rob Wheeler, Gary Kratzer, Lisa Kratzer
Modify: Jeff Benjamin, Gary Kratzer, Steve Westlake, Bill Westlake
Box Stock: Timmy Borden, Pa Jones, Kaylee Borden, Kyle Pierce

Hurricanes - Saturday:

Novice: Brandon Smith, Chris Kaiser Jr
Jrs: Corey Cooper, Alexis Vogtman, Elexis Ameigh, Nikko Tallman
Mod Lite: Rob Wheeler, Lisa Kratzer, Gary Kratzer, Josh Benjamin
Modify: Jeff Benjamin, Gary Kratzer, Mike Kaiser Jr, Steve Westlake
Box Stock: Joshua Smith, Brandon Monahan, Casey Williams, Brian Cooper

Hurricanes - Specialty Races

Modify: Bill Westlake, Jeff Benjamin, Mike Kaiser Jr, Mike Kaiser Sr
Mod Lite: Gary Kratzer, Leo Young, Ken Benjamin, Keith Rehbein

600 Micros: Chuck Bruce, Chris Lewis, Kyle Pierce, Cliff Pierce

Ninjas: Casey Williams, Damien Vogtman, Wayne Stella-Hartt, Terry Smith

Rebels: Eric Wright, Dan Thurnheer, Geoff Stilwell, Mikel Bennett,

Champions: Bill Nichols, Mike Smith, Bob Champion, Chaz Ford


Past Presidents Perpetual Plaque: 2011 Zeke Wintermute, 2012 Vern Weeks, 2013 Damien Vogtman (Each year a new President's name will be added)

Rollover Club Perpetual Plaque: 2011 Kiersten Kaiser, 2012 Chaz Ford, Cliff Pierce, and Casey Williams, 2013 Leo Young (Each year names will be added)

Special Thank you to Rob Wheeler for his endless time and efforts for work on the track

Special Award to Damien for his guidance and leadership for his year as President

and 23 other individuals who volunteered their time

You Drove It Like You Stoled It:: Eric Wright, Bill Nichols, and Jake Cratsley, and one more Jr

Most parts Lost Award: Cole Dresser

Most Improved Award:

Hard Luck Award:

Sportmanship Award:


Voting also took place at Banquet ... The winners for the 2014 Season will be

President: Steve Westlake

Vice President: Casey Williams

Secretary: Lisa Kratzer

Treasurer: Betty Young


600: Kyle Pierce

Ninja: Casey Williams

Rebels: Eric Wright

Champion Outlaws: Bobby Champion

Go Karts: Aaron Whiteman and Willie Tuttle

Mod Lite: Rob Wheeler and Leo Young
Modify: Bill Nagle
Box Stock and Jrs: Joshua Smith