Special Awards presented: Crys' helpers were: Betty, Lisa, Amy, Denise, Sherry, Alicia, Karen, Amanda, and Diana. Crys homemade beaded flowers, angels, and butterflies.

Special Awards also presented to: Sportsmanship - Tiffini Crissinger, Elexis Ameigh, Leo Young, Vern Weeks, and Abe Brewer. Hard Luck Award - Ken Smith, Mike Rehbein, and Matt Doolittle. Most Improved - Stacey Becker, Tommy Steen, and Megan Dupuy. Rollover - Andrew Wood. The Big Squeeze - Kelly DiSanto. Mr Spectatular - Eric Wright. Miss Congeniality - Kiersten Kaiser.

Appreciation Awards: Toni's Diner, Frank Palmer's Exavation, and Steve

Points Chase Awards.

Go Karts:
Stock Novice - Cole Dresser
Jr 1: Trevor Bardeen, Tiffini Crissinger, Tyrone Smith
Jr 2: Clay Wheat-French, Elexis Ameigh
Jr 3: Alex Carmody, Serina Robbins, Megan Dupuy, Mike Barnes, Matt Clark, Tim Brown, Dominic Houck
Stock Lite: Seth Bennett, Phil Young, Aaron Whiteman, Matt Hoyt, Brandon Grover
Clone Lite: Matt Hoyt, AJ Bennitt, Jason Hoyt, Ryan Eagley, Wally Young
Clone Heavy: Matt Hoyt, Jason Hoyt, Dean Ferguson, Wally Young

Hurricane Friday:
Novice: Brandon Kelly, Autum Bump
Jrs: Darci Herrick, Andrew Wood, Cora Champion, Travis West, Rachael Bump, Samantha Malchek, Dekota Wintermute
Stock: Carla Morton, Rob Wheeler, Kevin Kaiser, Dan Kaiser, Kelly DiSanto
Modify: Mike Kaiser Jr, Rob Wheeler, Casey Williams, Mike Kaiser Sr, Matt Doolittle
Powder Puff: Carla Morton, Darci Herrick, Kiersten Kaiser, Natasha Malchek, Kelly DiSanto

Hurricane Saturday:
Novice: Garrett Meeks, Race Steen
Jrs: Andrew Wood, Kaylee Borden, Tim Borden Jr, Dekota Wintermute, Brent Smith, Corey Cooper
Stock: Carla Morton, Rob Wheeler, Leo Young, Kelly DiSanto, Kyle Percy
Modify: Little Bit, Tommy Steen, Mike Rehbein, Rob Wheeler, Todd Ingalls

600's: Stacey Becker, Dalton Herrick, Abe Brewer, Kaitlin Pashina, Roger Asay

Champion Outlaws:
Eric Wright, Tom Champion, Ken Smith, Mike Springstead, Bob Champion

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