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Name: Dan Naegele AKA: Juan Pablo Montoya

City/State: Geneva, NY

Age: 21+                       Car # 42            Class: Stock Hurricanes

Number of years racing: Can't tell (I'm not done yet)

What have you raced: Sports Cars, Hydroplanes, and Motorcycles

Sponsors: G & T Speed in Waddington, NY, Geral Joe Pemberton, and Special Technical Help from Dee Williams                     

Pit Crew: Bill - Hillary Clinton                                  

Hero in racing: Rob Wheeler, Parnelli Jones, and A J Foyt                                                                   

Most memorable racing moments: all the places I've raced and the nice people I've met. The next race I win

Favorite sports: Racing                   

Hobbies: Racing

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Favorite TV Shows: Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain and Speed Channel