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Name: Ethan Bailey

City/State: Horseheads, NY

Age: 10                       Car # 7       Class: JR 2

Number of years racing: 2 year

What have you raced: Go-Karts Class JR 1 #36, and JR 1 & 2 # 7    

Sponsors: Grandpa Bailey, My Dad (Robert Bailey)                           

Pit Crew: Dad, Mom, Grandpa Bailey, Pappa John             

Hero in racing:  Danika Patrick, Dale Earnhardt Jr                                                                      

Most memorable racing moments: When I won my first feature in JR 1

Favorite sports:  Racing, baseball, soccer             

Hobbies: Video games, swimming, playing with my dog                         

Favorite Food: Pizza and Root Beer

Favorite TV Shows:


Dated: August 3, 2013