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Name: Kurt Weichenthal

City/State: Dundee, NY

Age: 15                       Car # 88          Class: Jr Restricted

Number of years racing: First Year

What have you raced: Go-Karts     

Sponsors: Tom Pratt Auto, Smalley’s Garage, Lanes Yamaha, Dibble’s Appliance

Pit Crew: Karl Weichenthal, John Albee, Papa Gene, Karla Doner

Hero in racing: Karl Weichenthal (DAD), Tom Smalley (UNCLE), Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr

Most memorable racing moments: My dad winning the 4 cylinder championship!!!          

Favorite sports: Racing, Football, Soccer, Hockey, UFC, WWE, Track, Baseball

Hobbies: Racing, Football, Soccer, Track, Baseball

Favorite Food: Pizza        

Favorite TV Shows: SpongeBob