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Name: Michael Keith Rehbein (Mike)    

City/State: Cortland, NY

Age: 26                       Car # 1            Class: Modify Hurricanes

Number of years racing: 19 years

What have you raced: Started with Microds at AJ Burgess, Little Wheels, for 4 years then we came to StarLite Speedway and I raced Microds for another couple of years then we went to racing the Hurricanes.     

Sponsors: Spring St Ext Apartments (Uncle Fran & Aunt Kathy Rehbein), Mom and Dad                           

Pit Crew: Dad when he can, but usually just me                                  

Hero in racing: Mark Martin                                                                         

Most memorable racing moments: I have 2 moments. 1st is at Little Wheels, I got my right foot caught on the gas throttle and I was going really fast and the car hit the dirt and it did an end over end and then it landed on its tires. 2nd is at StarLite, coming around the corner to take the green flag and I was on the outside and ALL my friends pushed me right off the track over the bank. I landed up side down. There was writing on the bottom of my car that said “Ouch, This is going to hurt”

Favorite sports: Racing, Bowling, Archery                      

Hobbies: Racing, Making birdhouses, benches, anything made of wood, Cross-Stitching, Bead Kits, Latch Hooking, Computer games, Wii games, Hunting, Camping, Riding my 4 wheeler                          

Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese, Pizza, Chicken and what ever Mom makes   

Favorite TV Shows: Scooby Doo, CSI, Nascar, and Football

UpDated: 12/17/12