2014 Ninja Rules


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Director is Wayne Stella-Hartt at 607-229-6967


Chassis: 270 – 600 style frame. Can be custom built. NO EMT Tubing. Black iron must be at least 1” inside diameter. All will be inspected by Track Tech Man.

800 LB. – With Driver

Must have:

  1. Bodies (Tailpiece is optional)
  2. Side nerf bars – max 6” space between tires and bar front and rear
  3. Front and Rear bumpers
  4. Front protection screen
  5. Safety harness – 5 Point
  6. Numbers will be visible to scorer from tower to finish line
  7. Helmet will be 2005 Snell approved and up with Full Face Shield refer to Track Rules.  



  1. Stock 2 cylinder 4 stroke motorcycle engine
  2. 500 cc or smaller - .020” over bore max
  3. Must have a muffler with 90 decibel max noise limit per track rule.
  4. Stock carbs OEM only – No over boring any passage ways in carb. Body. Rejetting is OK
  5. OEM pistons only – NO aftermarket
  6. Stock length rods - NO stroking permitted
  7. Stock OEM cams - Lift and duration to remain stock
  8. Valve springs to remain stock - OEM only
  9. Transmission to remain stock OEM – All gears to remain in transmission
  10. Ignition box ECU shall be stock OEM only – NO aftermarket programmable boxes
  11. Car must be self started
  12. Must have a working clutch
  13. Pump gas only, NO methanol or alcohol

AGE: Driver age shall be at least 14 years old or older, 14 year olds need 2 years racing experience.


Ninja will have its own Tech Man.