2011 Tractor Rules

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Director for this class is Bill Oberdorf at 315-246-7345


Chassis: Lawnmower parts
No aftermarket parts
All added weight must be welded or bolted on
Length 10” added to stock frame
Reinforcement allowed
Max. Width is 46” not to exceed outside of wheels

Front / Rear Bumpers
Not to exceed the outside of wheels when straight
Bottom of bumpers 6” ground clearance
2” front of front most point of body
No sharp edges

Nerf Bars
Not to exceed outside of tires 1” or fenders
Enclosed (foot can not pass through or get caught in or on)

No end to end joint welding!!!
Safety Minded
On cotter, pinned bars

Steering Wheel
No Handle Bars
Steering shafts should be modified for safety

*Any transmissions with reverse

*Axles with differential

Must be reinforced
Must be secured on axle by 1/8” pin or bolt
No side by side / doubled up

Lawnmower tires no larger then 18”
Go Karts tires acceptable

All tires must have tubes for safety



No wheel chains
Must have cover guards

Pump gas only up to 112 Octane
No alcohol aviation nitrous methanol

Super Charges Not Allowed

Kill Switches
Also known as teather switch
Must be attached to the driver while on mower

Numbers on cars should be 8” tall on the both sides of the car – preferred black on white or white on black. SOLID COLORS – NO METALLIC unless it is outlined in Solid Color. If the scorers cannot see your numbers properly you will be asked to change them. If you do not comply, within two (2) weeks then you simply will not be scored!!!


Must be lawnmower seats

Everything must be lawnmower parts except:
Kill switch, Nerf bars, bumper and reinforcements, steering wheel

Additional Regulations
No illegal drugs
Inspectors decide which class your mower will be entered in
Stewart will make sure it meets regulations for that class
Driver must meet all regulations to race
All drivers must complete registration forms before entering the race track
First mower to have numbers will keep them
All others have to change their numbers
One number per class
It is the responsibly of the builder, driver, owner, to know the regulations of the club.
Points are kept by the secretary of StarLite.

** Mid-Season and End-Season Championship Races.**
Need to race four (4) races prior to Mid-Season to qualify for a Trophy and four (4) races (which Mid-Season can count as one) prior to End of Season to qualify for that Trophy. And the trophies will be handed out after the races.




Tractor Classes:

Youth Class:
10 to 17 years old
1st year Novice
2nd year Youth
Factory working governors – spring pull off
12 HP or less
Engine Pulley 5”
Transmission 4”
Frames recommended up to modified for stability.


*Stock Class:
Up to 15 HP
May be bored .030 over stock
Single Carburetor (Lawn Mower Only)
Flathead or Overhead Class

*Modified Class:
15.5 to 30 HP
May be bored .030 over stock
Single carburetor

*Super Modified Class:
21 to 40 HP
May be bored .030 over stock
single carburetor

*Unlimited Class:
40 HP and Up
Any modifications to lawnmower, parts and fuel included
Non-Lawnmower parts may be used
Maximum width of mower 46” outside to outside of tires



Drivers (Mandatory Items)

Different numbers for each mower in each class. X’s etc. Any letter front or behind number will be allowed.
Dot approved helmet with face shield or goggles (Glasses alone are NOT accepted)

Must wear long sleeve shirts and pants (Good Condition)
Above ankle work boots (No Sneaker or Sneaker Boots)
Approved neck brace (Mandatory to Race)

Driver and all pit persons must sign in at sign in booth as soon as they arrive.

Track Flag Rules:

Yellow Flag:
Yellow flag means CAUTION – Let off gas immediately (NO PASSING)
Do not race back to start / finish line
Restarts set by last lap before caution
Mowers involved in or caused problems must restart at rear

Red Flag:
Stop where you are No passing
Race officials will re-start when ready, yellow flag applies

Black Flag:
1st time warning (rolled up)
2nd time (waving) you will have to leave to go to the infield or leave the track

Causes for Black Flag:
Unsportsmanlike conduct or intentional interference with other drivers or track officials
Intentional bumping
If you make rough contact with another mower and don’t Back Off the Gas
No alcohol in the pit or spectator areas until racing is over
No illegal drugs allowed
No high speed driving in the pits (Idle only)

Flag Persons
Will show no favoritism toward any driver

Score Keeper
Will have final say to restart order
Score you at start / finish line
Race starts and restarts

*Points for all Classes:
We will be doing heats and features
Mid & End Season Championship feature races will be double points
Points will go as follows:
HEATS: 1st place 11, 2nd 9, 3rd 8, 4th 7, and so on
FEATURES: 1st place 25, 2nd 23, 3rd 22, 4th 21, and so on

No Passing On Inside OF First Turn